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Mark Hollingsworth

About Windshore Music and Mark Hollingsworth

Mark Hollingsworth is an LA based composer and producer. He has been the composer on Kirby Buckets (Disney XD) for three seasons and has composed for South Park, TMZ, Extra and many other TV shows as well as for films. (IMDB) His compositions and productions have been heard around the world for almost twenty years.

Hollingsworth’s composing skills are enhanced by his experience as a studio session player. He is noted for his work on many instruments including all of the saxes, clarinets, flutes and many types of ethnic flutes. He has worked with a broad array of legendary artists from Santana to Luther Vandross, Alice Cooper to Stevie Wonder. Please see the "Credits" page for a more complete list of projects.

A native of the Chicago area, Mark was influenced by the diverse music that permeated the local culture. After graduating magna cum laude from the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mark moved to Los Angeles and soon landed a job touring with Tom Jones. Hollingsworth was soon regularly working on sessions for films, albums and commercial recordings. He eventually expanded his work to include composition and production. His eclectic musical background enables him to work in virtually all styles as a player and that diversity is also a hallmark of his writing.


Windshore Music was established in 2000 as a music production and pubishing company for Mark Hollingsworth


Mark Graduated Magna cum-laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston.